How to Store Running Shoes – 3 Best Ways Keep Them for Extended Periods

Store Running Shoes

You may find a great discount on your favorite running shoes, or you’ve just wanted to stock up on your standby, just in case the producer changes or discontinues the running shoes you’ve come to depend on, or you might live in a harsher climate and practice your running routine in milder months. Whatever the case, you might attempt to store your running shoes for extended periods.

Storing running shoes could be challenging because if you store your running sneakers in a too-dry area, the plastics, rubber, or adhesives might become fragile and brittle, destroying even an unworn shoe. In contrast, moisture can bring in mildew and damage the structure of fabric shoe parts over time.

Shoes can be a real pain to store because the storage process is usually governed by your room’s size or your closet, temperature, and the amount of time the storage will take. Moreover, failing to employ effective methods to store your shoes might lead them to deteriorate in their storage box. So, here are the most recommended tips that you need to follow to make sure that your shoes are in a safe place.

Best Ways to Store Running Shoes

If you want to save your running sneakers for a long time, the best way is to stop air circulating them and ensure that dust can’t reach them.

Use a Plastic Vacuum Bag

The ideal method to store running shoes and maintain them in peak condition for a long time is to use a plastic vacuum bag that lets you wick the air away. Store the sealed bag’s shoes, protected from temperature, moisture, sunlight, and air.

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When applying this method, you must pay attention to ensure that the shoes are dried. Storing the shoes while they are not entirely dried out will cause them to form bacteria and develop a stinky odor.

Use Acid-free Paper

Acid-free paper is absorbent and keeps a shoe’s accepted moisture level while protecting the sneakers from breaking down. When stuffing your running shoes with acid-free paper for short or long-term storage, choose acid-free tissue rather than newsprint. Stuff the sneakers with silica packets and cover them in acid-free tissue paper. Place them in a plastic zip-closure bag and wick out as much air as possible.

Unbleached muslin fabric is a useful option if you don’t have acid-free paper. Muslin sucks out leftover moisture and protects delicate sequins and metal buckles from scratches.

Boxes or Pins

One easy and straightforward way to store your running shoes and preserve them for a long time is to place them in clear shoe boxes or bins.

How to Store Running Shoes in A Plastic Box

If you have many running shoes, it’s easier to find sneakers in your closet when you can see them inside the boxes. When you’re placing your shoes in the boxes, ensure that you can identify and access them quickly. There are many choices, such as personal organizing bins that you can easily find online, particularly shoe storage. If you opt to use boxes that you already have, try printing out and sticking a photo of the sneakers on the outside of the boxes so you can see them.

Useful Tips to Do Before Storing Your Running Shoes

  • Before you even start to store them, you need to prepare the shoes for storage. That involves cleaning them appropriately, stuffing the running shoes with acid-free tissue paper or wooden shoe horns, and spraying a leather conditioner on the leather parts of your running sneakers (If there).
  • An unpleasant odor is one of the issues you can’t put on the shoes because (even if it is in good condition). If you are thinking of maintaining your sneakers smelling as fresh as new, make sure to give them enough time to dry well after every run, even if it is slightly muddy or wet.
  • As any expert will tell you, choosing shoes or even clothes is more challenging when you don’t know what you’re looking at. Placing everything in a tub can make it hard to think about your choices, so when you’re sorting your sneakers, keep them as visible as possible.
  • If you are going to store your footwear in boxes or bins, go for the see-through options. If you want to get a shoe organizer, seek out ones with clear slots.
  • In case you don’t have enough space in your closet to store your running sneakers horizontally, you can put them in a plastic box and store them vertically over the hanging racks on your closet rod.


Properly storing your running shoes is a money-saving strategy that guarantees that your most beloved shoe pairs will thrive for extended periods. Therefore, allocating an organized and well-taken-care-of space for your shoes is a fundamental step you need to do before buying new shoes.

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