The Ultimate Guide to the Best Running Shoes for Sciatica

16 Best Running Shoes for Sciatica

Sciatica is indeed a bit of a problem for enthusiasts who look forward to their next running adventure since it inflicts severe pain on the lower back and affects the entire body’s posture.

Sciatica is a disease that affects the sciatic nerve and results from the lumbar and sacral vertebrae. The sciatic nerve is responsible for the movement of the leg and foot muscles as well as the response of the thigh. Sciatica results in inflammation and is accompanied by severe pain.

Running with sciatica may seem challenging, but it can be done and might be better for you in the long run. You have to focus on your symptoms and make use of a few useful tactics to help you recover. Sciatica can actually mess with your running plan. If you are a health and fitness lover and want to take runs, you must first search for the best running shoes for sciatica.

Reviews of Best Running Shoes for Sciatica

This article will provide you with all the information we know about this painful medical condition and the shoes you should consider while searching the market for a practical pair of sneakers for sciatica. The information is based on the viewpoints of experts, podiatrists, and runners.

Brooks Ghost 13 Neutral Cushioned Running Shoe

Brooks Ghost 13 Neutral Cushioned running shoe is designed with the latest DNA Midsole and BioMoGo DNA technology, making the shoe versatile and comfy. Additionally, the shoe provides a snug, sock-like feel as it is true to size, maintaining stability and promoting mobility.

The Brooks Ghost 13 offers sufficient ventilation to keep your feet cool and relaxed throughout the most tiring journeys.

Brooks Ghost 13 for Women with Sciatica

Moreover, the shoe has no shortage of cushioning and traction. In addition, it comes in a broad spectrum of mesmerizing colors, which makes it one of the most stylish running shoes available in the market.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

This is one of the best men’s running shoes for sciatica. The shoe is equipped with rearfoot gel cushioning, which does a great job of comfortably flexing your feet into the shoes. Moreover, the shoes’ backs and heels feature a full-fledged gel cushioning system that absorbs shocks and prevents your feet from bearing injuries.

ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes for Sciatica

The outsole is perfectly tailored for prolonged distances and characterized by durability and effectiveness. In addition, the outsole is fitted with very abrasive rubber, which makes the shoe very durable.

In addition, those suffering from sciatica will love this shoe for its protective traction that keeps the body balanced on slippery and rugged grounds. In sum, the shoe is comfy, durable, and protective. It also features a Gel cushioning system which acts as a shock absorber and makes you enjoy the ride.

It is an amazing sciatica shoe with shock absorption and a highly responsive cushioning system.

Reebok Women’s Runner 2.0 MT

This shoe is suitable for runners who experience sciatica nerve pain. They are considered fine-tuned as the best running shoes for sciatica pain, offering pain relief to runners suffering from this issue. These sneakers are heavy-duty and have a basic style that suits all wearer’s requirements.

Best Reebok Running Shoes for Sciatic Nerve Runners

This footwear provides increased stability and improved balance for women. To be more precise, the upper mesh is breathable to reduce extra sciatica sweating, and the rubber sole offers more flexibility to the shoes.

Additionally, the lightweight design is perfect for running with no pain syndromes, and the high-abrasion rubber outsole provides more traction to the wearers.

Nike Tanjun – Men’s Athletic Running Shoe

This model can do wonders for runners with sciatica nerve pain. The model name of the running shoe is obtained from the Japanese language, meaning simplicity. The footwear allows the wearer to enjoy run with without experiencing any pain.

Nike Tanjun Running Sneaker

The shoe is designed in an efficient style. The upper of the shoe is manufactured out of leather which enables the feet to breathe for a longer time. The shoe will be the best choice to keep your feet odorless. The midsole is cushioned with EVA foam. It helps protect the feet from shock impacts. The outsole is manufactured from slip-resistant rubber so that people with sciatica pain keep their balance on the ground. If a wearer runs on a wet surface, he/she will be less thinking about being slipped. The shoe includes a white and black color with the logo customized.

Saucony Guide 10 Running Shoe

The shoe comes with a streamlined midsole design and a tri-flex outsole that molds to one’s feet. In addition, the brand acquired widespread acclaim among runners due to its full-fledged cushioning system enhanced by the additional EVERUN Topsole.

Saucony Guide 10 Running Shoe

The shoe is tailored to stand out from the competition through its lightweight construction that keeps the feet protected from strains and aches due to weighty shoes. The shoe’s low heel-to-toe drop further amplifies the comfort. In addition, the shoe is well-ventilated thanks to the 100% upper mesh.

ALEADER Women’s Running Shoes

This shoe is considered one of the best running shoes for sciatica. These cool pairs of running sneakers may be what you are in search of. It is hard for a lot of people to believe that a shoe contains plenty of specifications, given how low the product’s price is. It is a lightweight running shoe, which makes it easy to run in them, and you will not get exhausted in a short time.

ALEADER Running Shoes for Sciatica Female Runners

Aleader Running shoe comes with an improved ventilation system that prevents bad odor, and moisture from your feet. It also helps your feet to stay fresh even if you put them on for a long time.

The hydro-grip technology that is set up in this footwear is designated to offer improved traction and stability when running on slippery surfaces.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend 4 Running Shoe

The shoe’s upper part features a laminate mid-cage to guarantee utmost stability over all types of terrains. Additionally, thanks to the addition of the rearfoot GEL technology, the shoe offers some significant attenuation to shocks.
Moreover, the shoe comes with a removable Ortholite sock liner to eliminate pain and stress.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Contend 4

The low top-to-toe drop is one of the main draws of this shoe. Moreover, the shoe is made explicitly for underpronation, preventing the feet from waggling and rolling inwards. The shoe is lauded for its moisture-wicking sock liner that keeps the feet clean and dry.

New Balance Men’s FuelCell 1260 v7

If you prepare to take any long-distance running, you will enjoy how the footwear suits your foot while cushioned. New Balance FuelCell 1260 v7 supportive running shoe has a lot of good features that make a lot of runners who experience pain in the sciatic nerve go for it.

New Balance FuelCell 1260 v7 for Sciatica Patients

This shoe can adapt to people who have foot-related injuries as it offers padded arch support that will provide your body with some relief. In addition, the cushioning in the sneaker is great, and it actually helps you to feel relaxed while you are jogging or running.

If you are a woman, then you might need to go with the New Balance FuelCell Mini High Heel Trainer.

New Balance 990V4 Running Shoe

The New Balance 990V4 is one of the most acclaimed shoes that you should consider if you wish to buy a pair of shoes compatible with your sciatica case. It features an ENCAP midsole technology characterized by long-lasting robustness and stability.

New Balance 990V4 Trainer

The heel-to-toe drop of this shoe is 12 mm. Moreover, the dual-density collar foam is one of the essential features that the shoe displays. The shoe offers some good ventilation thanks to its breathable hybrid upper. To sum up, the shoe provides a captivating blend of stability and cushioning.

Saucony Cohesion 10 Running Shoe

The shoe is distinguished by its injection-molded EVA midsole and Heel GRID System, enhancing its cushioning system for a comfy in-shoe feel. Moreover, a sock-like grip is maintained, ensuring optimal stabilization. The shoe is also characterized by a feathery weight and lively colors that cater to all types of runners.

Best Saucony Running Shoes for Sciatica - Cohesion 10

This shoe must be on your list if you are looking forward to buying a durable shoe that will save you much money in the future. Regarding price, the shoe is deemed one of the most affordable shoe pairs in the shoe market. However, some runners complained about the shoe’s grip.

ASICS Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe

This Shoe includes high-quality features meant to give comfort to people who experience sciatica pain. The shoe comes with a gel cushioning system that protects the most impacted areas in the feet. In addition, the upper mesh is lightweight and snug, promoting balance and, simultaneously, removing stress.

Gel-Nimbus 18 for Lower Back Pain of Sciatica

Stability is reinforced by adding a padded tongue and an ankle collar, allowing your feet to run confidently. In addition, this lavish brand is complemented with a FluidRide midsole that absorbs running shocks with utter efficiency. The outsole is made of hard rubber, which helps people with sciatica pain run comfortably.

Gel Nimbus 18 does come with a heel clutching system technology that provides the best protection to the heel while running or exercising.

It is noteworthy that the shoe toe-box is narrow, which might not suit runners with wide feet.

New Balance 1260v6 Stability Running Shoe

The shoe is made in numerous appealing colors that were acclaimed by many. The model is also deemed to be sufficiently lightweight and comfy. In addition, a myriad of runners indicated that the shoe made them feel well-balanced and supported even during the most arduous journeys due to its abundant stability mechanisms.

New Balance 1260v6 Stability Sciatica Shoe

Moreover, the shoe is characterized by a padded tongue that keeps the feet stable inside the shoe and provides no chances for wrestling inwards. However, many customers noted that the shoe is extremely pricy, and also some complained about the inner heel section, saying that it caused irritation and friction with their skin.

The shoe features a dual-density midsole and a rubber outsole, which will provide sciatica patients with the comfort they aspire for. It is mainly designed for runners who tend to overpronate to help them maintain their balance.

Many customers applauded the shoe’s wide range of designs and styles that cater to the varied tastes of runners. In addition, the shoe is true to size and displays 75% Synthetic and 25% Mesh.

The shoe provides the maximum amount of cushioning necessary for reducing stress and absorbing shocks.

HOKA ONE Women’s Vanquish 3 Running Shoe for Sciatica Nerve Pain

The shoe is equipped with a high-rebound, dual-layer midsole composed of 2 various EVA compounds. That is why it excels in rebounding and responding to shocks and unpredicted strides. The upper mesh maintains a relaxed experience through over-extended distances and tough terrains.

HOKA ONE Women’s Vanquish 3

A plethora of women indicated that they were taken aback by the model’s vast spectrum of colors that look astonishing when teamed up with jeans and shorts. Additionally, the Hoka Vanquish 3 is complemented by a soft material layer on the top for extra cushioning. Shortly, this shoe is springy, responsive, and cushioned.

Merrell Women’s Bare Access Arc 4 Trail Running Shoe

The shoe comes with a 0mm drop, neutral arch support, and 5.7oz weight. Multifarious runners liked the shoe’s minimalist design that looks stylish and unbulky. The model is also characterized by its minimal cushioning.

Merrell Bare Access Arc 4 Running Shoe

This Merrell model is characterized by robust, dependable in-shoe materials that are extremely useful for runners who seek durability over long periods. However, some runners stated that the shoe’s Bare Access Arc 4 felt narrow and irritating for their feet, whereas others indicated that the upper part didn’t roll around their feet snugly.

Under Armour Women’s Speed Tire Ascent Low Running Shoes

This model might be a good deal if you are looking for a pair of shoes characterized by flexibility and optimal traction. Some runners even mentioned that the shoe has been effective for hiking. In addition, the grip is enhanced due to the addition of Michelin Wild Gripper technology.
The outsole is equipped with Multi-Directional Lugs to promote safety.

Under Armour Speed Tire Ascent Running Shoe

Regarding the cons, some runners were disappointed because of the shoe’s sizing options. Others indicated that the shoe is too pricey, so it might not suit those customers who seek budget-friendly models.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes

Do you wonder if there are men’s running shoes that are completely appropriate for sciatica? In that scenario, look for the ASICS Gel-Kayano 27, which is the Best Men’s Running Shoe for Sciatica overall. This pair has an elastomer design, which delivers a top bounce while jogging. As a result, it reduces sciatic pain during jogging.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 27 Shoes for Men with Sciatic Nerve Issues

It provides a DuoMax System that encourages foot stability and comfort. Additionally, it emulates gel technology with a smooth blend of the forefoot and rearfoot cushioning systems, which absorbs all the shock and impact when a person with sciatica runs on rough terrain.

Asics’ gel-Kayano 27 running shoes, which use flytes foam and dual-density midsole technology, typically have good arch support. As it has a rubber outsole, it is also lightweight and suitable for male runners who are underweight, obese, or overweight.

Last but not least, the lace closure guarantees that men with sciatica can have a customized fit, whether they have a narrow or wide fit. Additionally, the Asics’ multi-directional upper mesh design improves breathability and encourages foot aeration, which helps to eliminate unpleasant foot odor.

Most Important Features to Check When Buying the Best Running Shoes for Sciatica

You have to know some essential points that will help you get suitable shoes for sciatica. The following are the top factors that you need to consider to help you buy the right pair of sciatica shoes.

Cushy Inner Sole

Comfortable inner soles are essential for reducing pain, especially if it is steeped in orthotics, providing a cozy in-shoe feel. Eva compressed inner soles are highly recommended for runners who suffer from sciatica.


When your feet are well-supported, your gait and body weight will stabilize. As a result, you won’t need any pressure to maintain your balance, which will improve your medical situation.

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Breathability revives the feet and eliminates the risks of infection due to moisture and dirt. Moreover, breathability improves runners’ performance during hot summer days and on long errands.

Soft Outer Sole

Having a soft outer sole is key to absorbing shocks and promoting versatility in all directions without straining your feet.

Inner Collar

The inner collar of your shoes must be durable and well-established to prevent the shoes from abrading as a result of friction and abrasions.


One of the best features that you need to look into when purchasing running shoes is how the shoes fit your feet. If your shoes fit right to your feet, giving you a snug feel, you can run freely as if you are running with socks or barefoot.

Shock Absorption

As mentioned earlier, it is required to check the shoe outsole and ensure that the heels are composed of high-quality material and can spare your feet the effort of responding to hard-hitting shocks.


Taking design and style into account is undoubtedly important, yet what matters the most is how effective your shoe is, especially for long journeys and rugged terrains.


Opting for high-end quality allows you to save lots of money in the long term.


When your soles are made with soft rubbers from top to toe, featuring sufficient thickness, you will feel that your shoe is so flexible and comfy that it molds to the shape of your feet. This will give you a unique edge and improve your running performance despite your pain.

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What Causes Sciatica?

Causes of sciatica:

  • Exposure to a lumbar or sacral herniated disc due to prolonged sitting: a congenital disability.
  • Degeneration in lumbar spine tissues: This leads to abnormal bone growth and compression in nerve roots.
  • Pregnancy: This may cause pressure on the nerve roots.
  • Pressure on the nerve due to placing a full wallet in the back pocket and sitting on it for long periods, especially if the surface was hard.
  • Having an intramuscular injection by mistake.
  • Ovarian cancer.
  • Spondylolisthesis: The displacement in the lumbar or sacral vertebrae resulting from spine fractures. This also may result from stress and trauma.
  • Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: a condition that occurs as a result of narrowing down the spinal canal.
  • Obesity: Overweightness adds tension to sciatic nerves and can lead to sciatica.

How to Reduce Sciatica?

Below are some practices to minimize the pain in the sciatic nerve:

Proper Shoes

Getting the proper sciatica shoes will help you walk or run without experiencing pain and discomfort.


Stretches help ease tension and rejuvenate tense muscles. Therefore, make sure to massage your ailing muscles daily. You might also use acupuncture.


Obesity is one of the leading causes of sciatica; therefore, staying in shape and working out to slim down is key to revival.


Allow your body to relax and unwind and refrain from overstressing your body in work or exercises. Sciatica is usually enhanced due to overwork which wreaks havoc on your sciatic nerves.

Why Are Your Shoes Aggravating Your Sciatica?

Suppose your shoes lack sufficient support or fail to fit your precise feet size causing your feet to roll inwards. In that case, much stress will be inflicted on your sciatic nerves, causing your medical situation to take prolonged periods to improve. Those who hit the terrains without wearing proper running sneakers are usually prone to bearing injuries.

  • Your shoes must have a wide toe-box to give your toes free rein and have a homely feel to reduce pain.
  • Shoes that lack ample traction with the ground are the leading cause of flip-flops and running injuries.


How can sciatica be treated?

Most cases of acute sciatica are treated by self-care measures, which include:

  • Over-the-counter pain relievers.
  • Doing exercises such as walking or stretching.
  • Applying hot or cold compresses to relieve pain.

Treatment for chronic sciatica usually includes a combination of self-care measures and medical treatment, such as:

  • Physical therapy: It reduces chronic pain by training people to react differently to their pain.
  • Analgesics Surgery: It may be a good option if other treatments do not lessen symptoms.

How to fight sciatica?

Ways to relieve sciatica pain:

  • Applying cold or warm compresses.
  • Stretching exercises.
  • Tennis ball massages.
  • Relaxation exercises.
  • Regular rest periods.
  • Painkillers.

What are the best shoes for sciatica?

As mentioned above, your shoes should be characterized by a comfy outsole, durable insole, breathability, durability, effectiveness, and a well-established inner collar.

Can losing weight alleviate sciatica?

Slimming down has proved to be effective in the treatment of sciatica since it reduces inflammation and lessens the stress on nerves.

Can shoe insoles be therapeutic in terms of sciatica?

Yes, because well-cushioned insoles having custom orthotics relieve the nerves and the low back pain, leading to posture and gait reinforcement.

What causes sciatica pain to outburst?

Lifting heavy stuff and maintaining a bad posture cause sciatica to flare up.

How long does it take for sciatica to be treated?

People usually recover over 4 – 6 weeks, yet some take longer.


Are you attempting to get the proper shoe for your sciatica? A lot of studies have shown that the right shoes could be a game-changer when considering dealing with pain.

In this guide, we have discussed the 16 best running shoes for sciatica and how they can help deal with symptoms of sciatic nerve pain. We also offered our helpful buying guide to help you choose an appropriate shoe! At last, we have put together some frequently asked questions and answered them, so you know precisely what to expect from this article.

Finally, the above-mentioned picks of shoes can be good choices for those who wish to improve their sciatica condition and concurrently maintain their running habit. However, make sure to check all the features that you need before buying your kick.

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