Best Running Shoes for Neuropathy & Buyer’s Guide

Best Running Shoes for Neuropathy

Neuropathy could be quite annoying and painful at some times. The good news is, if you are a runner with neuropathy, you don’t have to stop your running routine. Instead, you can enjoy your rides by getting the best running shoes for neuropathy. So in this article, we offer the best reviews for the top neuropathic running shoes.

Neuropathy refers to the weakness of the nerves that is accompanied by pain and lack of energy. Neuropathy is characterized by a patent deterioration in the peripheral nerves, which is why most neuropathic runners grapple with finding a proper shoe that can help them move without pain. The condition is characterized by foot numbness and a tingling feeling. When neuropathy occurs in the feet, it is called peripheral neuropathy since it refers to the dysfunction of the peripheral nervous system.

Reviews of Best Running Shoes for Neuropathy

People who suffer from neuropathy need running shoes that will keep soothing pressure points. Neuropathic running shoes should also be flexible and supportive to help runners enjoy the ride without any pain or discomfort. The below list contains the best shoes for people who suffer from neuropathy.

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk

This model has been equipped with a front rocker sole that keeps the mid-foot protected and mitigates neuropathy pain. Not only that, but the shoe also excels at reducing pressure on the heels, feet, and plantar fasciitis. It comes with the VersoShock Technology, perfectly designed to attenuate shocks and keep the feet safe. Moreover, the model maintains a cutting-edge bouncy nature owing to its Patented Spring System.

Gravity Defyer Running Shoes for Women with Neuropathy

A wide range of users admired the shoe’s seamless interior and removable insoles created for extra comfort to prevent irritation during long rides. You can add supportive orthotics to amplify your stability and protect your feet against hard-hitting roads. The toe-box is accommodating and wide to cater to runners with diabetes and bunions.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

Many runners are happy with the intensified versatility and enhanced support that this model managed to land due to its AHAR® rubber coating the outsoles. The Gel cushioning system delivers superb shock attenuation and smooth heel-to-toe transitions. The model also employs a removable foam insole that can accommodate any orthotic inserts and protects high-impact areas. In addition, the shoe comes with a padded tongue and collar adding a plush spark for extra comfort.

ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes for Men

A wide range of runners enjoyed the support system of this model that backs the foot with semi-elastic laces as well as conventional laces for a tight grip. The responsive cushioning and durability of this model make it stand out among the rest.

Finally, this model is high-quality running footwear that has characteristics that make it a good choice for runners with neuropathy.

Sketchers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

The shoe reinforces support by the addition of supportive overlays. The outsole comes with ArticuLyte rubber that promotes traction on dry and wet surfaces. The thick midsole is tasked with attenuating shocks and rebounding energy with each strike. The outsole has been perfectly tailored to reduce slippage and keep the feet headed out, which reduces the risk of injuries.

Sketchers Afterburn Neuropathy Running Shoes

The model is also supplemented with an EVA midsole that promotes cushiness and shock absorption in addition to the memory foam insole. The mesh upper encompasses perforations for breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities. A plethora of runners also liked the roomy toe-box of this model as it gave their toes free rein to flex and move about.

Ped-Lite Women’s Neuropathy Athletic Shoe-Adele

The Ped-Lite shoe is another notable option that is worthy of consideration. It was specifically manufactured to relieve the pain of sore, swollen, and painful feet. Although it might look like a normal running sneaker, this shoe has been made to reduce neuropathy and help neuropathic runners pursue their habit of running.

Ped-Lite Neuropathy Shoe

The shoe comes with a removable cushion insole, leaving you with the freedom to use your customized insoles for premium comfort. Moreover, the upper part comes with sturdy leather, which makes this model extremely durable. The width of the shoe is accommodating and wide enough to cater to runners with flat feet.

Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Comfortable Shoes

This shoe is another excellent option if you are looking for shoes for casual running. They include everything you need to stay feeling great during running.

Vionic Walker Classic Shoes for Diabetic Neuropathy

The shoe has received the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance. So it’s no surprise it’s deemed to be the best shoes for neuropathy feet. The shoe is designed of suede or leather. The uppers are amazingly long-lasting. The shoe features the Active Motion System, which helps control overpronation for ideal gait efficiency.

The shoe also comes with a removable textile-covered EVA footbed which is light and provides comfort and support. The outsole design offers incredible resistance and durability, with a 0.5” elevation for smooth transitions with each step you make.

Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Shoe

Dr. Comfort Performance-X is one of the highly recommended models for runners with neuropathy. The model comes with a well-designed upper section that includes mesh and leather to make runners relish a ventilated and durable model at the same time. According to experts, this shoe is a helpful pal for those who suffer from bunions, corns, flat feet, and heel calluses, among others. So, it can be said that Dr. Comfort is a therapeutic pair of sneakers by all the sense of the word. The shoe allows for inserting specialized orthotics.

Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Running Shoe

Runners who have large feet found this model very accommodating due to its adequate width. The model has been lauded for the excellent grip it offers, which contributes to more stability. It is guaranteed that this shoe will alleviate your pain because it is versatile and comfy.

Xelero Genesis XPS Men’s Comfort Therapeutic Running Shoe

This model has received widespread acclaim by droves of runners for its extra depth, allowing their feet to lie comfortably without restrictions. The amplified versatility of this model resonated well with runners as the shoe felt very responsive and managed to bend, matching the foot. The midsole of this shoe is equipped with gel pads that take shock attenuation to the next level.

Best Running Shoes for Peripheral Neuropathy

The underfoot experience has been commended by numerous runners who found their ride irritant-free and cushy. This athletic shoe is equipped with biometrics to help speed up the recovery process. In addition, the shoe comes with a lace-up system made of mesh and leather, entailing a ride devoid of slippage.

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Arishi V3 Running Shoe

The traction options of this shoe have been admired by many users who enjoyed a great feel of the trail. That is why this shoe has been recommended not only for running but also for work and casual walks. The durable outsole and soft midsole work hand in hand to deliver adequate support.

New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi V3 Running Shoes

The lightweight structure of the model is one of the top reasons why experts recommend it for Neuropathy runners since it relieves pressure and mitigates pain. In addition, the blown rubber material has been commended for the levels of cushiness it delivers to the feet for premium shock attenuation.

Brooks Women’s Ghost 12 Running Shoe

The Brooks Women’s Ghost 12 is admired for its sufficient forefoot bounce and blown rubber that prevents abrasion. The shoe comes with a heel cup that securely wraps around the back of the foot to promote stability. Furthermore, the model comes with deep trenches that deliver intensified versatility.

Brooks Ghost 12 for Women

The decoupled heels are tasked with reducing pressure on high-impact areas. The midsole is equipped with ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and rubber to smooth landing and easy toe-off. The shoe is supplemented with a Segmented Crash Pad to give runners free rein to move naturally without pain. The upper part of the model encompasses breathing holes to increase ventilation and reduce moisture.

Orthofeet Tacoma Men’s Athletic Shoes

Tacoma is an advanced running shoe, perfect for people with Diabetic Feet or Neuropathy. It is designed with the anatomical orthotic insole, soft interior, and ergonomic sole to improve protection and comfort.

Orthofeet Tacoma Athletic Shoes

Tacoma running shoes offer extra space for toe movement and optimum protection against pressure points, making every step you take soothing with comfort. In addition, the ergonomic outsole provides excellent stability and cushioning support.

The shoe has a seam-free, soft interior lining that reduces friction and pressure against the skin, providing excellent protection.

Tacoma nonbinding, stretchable upper shapes to the foot’s curves, easing pressure on hammer-toes, bunions, and swollen feet. The shoe has two sets of removable spacers (1/8” and 1/16” thick) that make it possible to adjust the room inside the sneaker for a perfect fit.

What are the Causes of Neuropathy?

The most common cause of neuropathy is diabetes. Diabetes is the most common cause when poorly treated because high blood sugar levels cause damage to your nerves.

Other causes include the following:

  • Lacks some vitamins such as Folate and B12.
  • Some hereditary and inflammatory diseases.
  • Certain kinds of cancers such as Multiple Myeloma and Lymphoma.
  • Chronic Liver and kidney diseases.
  • Infections such as Lyme disease, Shingles, and HIV.
  • Drinking alcohol excessively.
  • Certain drugs such as HIV medicines and chemotherapy medication.

What are the Dangers of Running with Neuropathy?

Although running is a healthy habit, running with neuropathy can take a great toll on your condition. For instance, you will run the risk of developing blisters, ulcers, and toenail injuries when your shoes start rubbing against your feet. Neuropathy also reduces your stability and causes you to run with an abnormal gait cycle, which increases the possibility of injuries and falls. The pressure spots will experience intensified pain and weakness.

Buying Guide for Getting the Best Running Shoes for Neuropathy

Neuropathic running shoes should feature extra room to adapt to foot issues, they have thicker outsoles that have sufficient padding to offer you the extra support and comfort you need. generally, they will have protective features such as toe boxes and increased cushioning on the heels and toes. Below are some important factors to consider when choosing the best neuropathic running shoes.


Suffering from neuropathy required a well-cushioned shoe that can reduce the pressure on your nerves and the amount of impact your nerves receive upon encountering the road. That is why experts recommend going for a shoe equipped with adequate sole padding, memory foam, and thick soles to help your sensitive nerves remain protected during the run.

Arch Support

When your arches are well-supported, you will manage to enjoy a pain-free, long-distance run. Your arches are tasked with maintaining your natural stride throughout your gait cycle, so without them being supported, your weird stride will add strain on your sensitive nerves. For perfect arch support, consider buying a shoe with customized orthotic insoles.

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Having neuropathy entails wearing the same therapeutic running shoe for all your runs; therefore, your shoe must be durable enough to survive for long periods. A robust shoe is also one that withstands intensified running and outdoor use, so don’t hesitate to recheck the sturdiness of your outsole and midsole.

Wide Toe-Box

Those who suffer from neuropathy are highly affected by their feet’ slightest contact with their shoes. Your sensitive nerves will be hurt when your feet get squeezed inside your shoes. Therefore, to avoid suffocation, make sure to buy a shoe with a wide toe-room that will help your toes flex and move about freely.

Flexible and Supportive Material

If you are a runner with neuropathy, you will need to search for running shoes with certain types of materials to ensure that you will enjoy a comfortable running experience. Look for canvas mesh, fabric, soft leather, and mesh. These materials will offer you the most breathability and comfort while you are running.

Experts always recommend that neuropathic runners opt for a shoe with a rubber sole or synthetic sole that will offer them cutting-edge flexibility. Having adequate flexibility will help relieve your pain because you won’t exert a great effort to make transitions and turns, so let the shoe do the job for you.

You should avoid specific materials, such as stiff and rigid leather. Stiff leather would set stress on your feet, and it won’t be breathable, leading to suffocation and pain.

Shock Absorption

Running without adequate cushion and proper midsole that can attenuate shocks properly leads to many harmful effects on your sensitive nerves. Experts advise neuropathic runners to get a sneaker that will mitigate the aftermath of the run and the foot compression to spare your nerves the task of receiving the shocks instead of your shoes.


To make your sensitive nerves stay calm and protected, your shoe must offer you unprecedented levels of comfort. The insoles play a starring role when it comes to comfort. Experts recommend those who have high arches buy a thick insole to diffuse the impact of shocks. Insoles that have air pockets or memory foam are also an excellent choice to consider.


Breathability is another key option that will help your nerves recover and stay protected. The upper part of your shoe should be sufficiently breathable to wick moisture away and keep the feet comfortable. Well-ventilated uppers are composed of a breathable mesh to allow the airflow inwards, keeping the feet clean and dry throughout the ride.


Experts advise that you get a shoe that fits the exact size of your foot, including a spacious toe-box that prevents cramping. Thus, opt for a shoe with a custom fit maintained by lace-up closure, padded tongue, and collar. Avoid narrow shoes because they will lead to pinched nerves. Wide shoes should be avoided too since they will cause slippage and accidents.

Benefits of Neuropathy Shoes for Runners

Wearing the best running shoes for neuropathy will help you to reduce pain and discomfort. Below are the top benefits of neuropathy running sneakers.

Premium Support for the Feet

Neuropathy leads to discomfort and pain, which hinders running from pursuing their goals. However, wearing a specialized Neuropathy shoe supports and cushions the feet, especially the high-impact areas, which makes you able to get over your condition and pain.

Proper Circulation

Neuropathic patients usually fail to recognize their condition except when the situation becomes too painful. That is why experts urge runners to get a shoe with adequate room to allow their toes to flex and move about painlessly. This aims at improving the model’s breathability and circulation to lessen your nerve pain.

Pain Reduction

Neuropathy shoes are designed to reduce your nerve pain. So the longer you wear them, the lesser your pain will be. Pain reduction results from the roomy toe-box, cushioning, and customized shape that the models are equipped with.

Improved Mobility

Neuropathy leads to intensified pain that strikes upon movement, leading to immobility and muscle dysfunction. Wearing orthopedic or customized shoes will cushion your feet, give you adequate space to make running an easier task.

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Can arch support help improve neuropathy?

Yes, supporting your arch is a helpful solution that will reduce your pain. Running without a supported arch worsens neuropathy and makes your nerves ache more.

What is the difference between neuropathy shoes and normal shoes?

Ordinary shoes will provide you with the general protection required for running, walking, and playing sports. Meanwhile, neuropathy shoes are tailored to give runners extra support to reduce pain and tension.

What can I do to stop my feet from hurting if I have Peripheral neuropathy?

  • Practice some strengthening exercise at home
  • Purchase a specialized neuropathy shoe
  • Massage your feet regularly
  • Apply ice and arch supports on your feet
  • Do some stretches
  • Take some painkillers

Can I get neuropathy despite not having diabetes?

Yes, diabetes is not the only cause of neuropathy although it is the major cause of it. However, having neuropathy without diabetes is more tolerable than having neuropathy and diabetes.


Finally, the list that we compiled a list to help neuropathic runners reduce their pain and continue with their running habits. All the models highlighted here are characterized by durability, fit, ventilation, and cushioning. Also, remember that having neuropathy doesn’t mean you are free to embark on prolonged rides as podiatrists recommend avoiding long runs to keep your nerves protected. Finally, we wish all neuropathic runners a speedy recovery and a pleasant run.

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