Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia (Ball of Foot Pain)

Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia pain or pain in the balls of the feet is one of the most common conditions that may result in the inability to walk and may be accompanied by swelling in the foot. Several reasons trigger this condition: foot arthritis, flat foot, foot deviation, deformities, and curves in the sole, Rheumatoid, heavyweight, and wearing narrow shoes. Moreover, the condition results from gout since gout causes immobility in the joints, leading to redness and swelling. Thus, Metatarsalgia is one of the most painful conditions that stand as a barrier between runners and their habit of running.

The good news is some recommended running shoes have been created to suit runners who have Metatarsalgia to help them run and walk normally. In this article, we are going to shed light on these top recommended running shoes.

Top 20 Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia (Ball of Foot Pain)

Droves of runners suffer from excessive pain in the ball of the foot, which stands as a barrier between them and their running habit. When the pain increases, running becomes difficult and annoying since the pain wreaks havoc on runners’ stability and makes them unable to make soft transitions.

The reasons behind this condition are unknown; however, podiatrists indicate that wearing the wrong pair of running shoes is one of the significant reasons runners suffer from such a painful condition. The pain in the balls of the foot is characterized by weakness in the metatarsal bones at the top of the arches due to getting pressured by the body’s weight. As a result, the bones, joints, and ligaments located at the top of the foot arches tend to feel a cumbersome weight that they cannot carry, which results in a lack of mobility and poor running performance. This article will compile a list of the best running shoes for the ball of foot pain that provide metatarsal support.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 Running Shoe

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is equipped with a DNA LOFT cushioning that makes its midsole super cushy on hard-hitting terrains. In addition, the shoe comes with many latest technologies to smooth transitions, such as 3D Fit Print, GuideRails, Segmented Crash Pad, and DNA LOFT. Many runners have liked the model’s lightweight construction that allowed them to forget their Metatarsalgia pain and run surefooted.

Best running shoes for metatarsalgia pain

The model comes with an Air Mesh upper designed to give ample breathability to relieve soreness. The tongue of this model is longer than its predecessors to provide extra stability for the ball of the foot. The toe-box comes with a spacious wiggle room to lessen the fingers’ stress.

HOKA One One Men’s Bondi 7 Running Shoe

The HOKA One One Bondi 7 landed a stable foot lockdown to prevent wobbling. The entire shoe is well-cushioned to deliver even cushioning throughout the run. The shoe is coated in a full-length EVA foam that makes the run smooth and comfy. The curved construction of the model is designed to deliver easy heel-to-toe transitions. Furthermore, the 4mm heel-to-drop allows for an easy toe-off.

Best Hoka shoes for ball of feet pain

The engineered mesh upper is tailored to provide additional cushioning and ventilation to prevent overheating. In addition, the model comprises a new memory foam collar for extra security and fit.

HOKA One One Clifton 7 Running Shoe

Many experts have recommended the HOKA One One Clifton as a stability shoe that can help runners with metatarsalgia, for it fits the exact size of the feet and prevents wobbling. Furthermore, the upper section is well-ventilated and soft, which eases the stress of Metatarsalgia runners. In addition, the model’s smooth outsole is designed to absorb shocks and reduce irritation and abrasion.

Best running shoes for metatarsal pain

A wide range of users commented that this model is suitable for long-distance errands and uneven roads. The shoe comes with a gusseted tongue to help overpronators restore their normal running style. Fast runners will admire this model for its comfy and irritant-free style, contributing to an outstanding performance.

Nike Zoom Fly 3 Men’s Running Shoe

The Nike Air Zoom Fly 3 is equipped with a durable and lightweight textile upper and lace-up straps to relieve running pressure with every strike. In addition, the model incorporates the Nike React full-length midsole for additional cushioning, making the shoe super responsive to hard-hitting shocks.

Zoom Fly 3 - Best Nike running shoes with ball of foot support

The shoe fits the actual size of the feet owing to its inner pockets and low ankle fit. Not only that, but the model also comes with a patterned rubber outsole that runs from the toes to the heels to make this shoe grippy on wet and dry terrains.

Numerous runners indicated that this model is tailored with impressive durability. A carbon fiber midsole can shrink and expand for extra versatility. In addition, the heels are designed to relieve tendon pressure and pain.

New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Arishi V2 Running Shoe

This model is one of the best women’s running shoes for metatarsalgia. Many runners have admired the model for the durability of its Fresh Foam and light construction. In addition, the outsole comes with shallow grooves, making the shoe versatile and bendable in conjunction with the foot motion.

New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi V2 Running Shoe

Equipped with leaf-shaped traction, the outsole heightens the model’s traction on various road types. The full-length foam makes the underfoot section of this model super comfy and responsive.

The upper part is composed of a padded tongue and collar. The lacing system is designed to take stability to the next level along with its discreet eyelets. The shoe comes in numerous sizes to suit different types of feet.

Saucony Women’s Endorphin Shift

The Endorphin Shift model is composed of PWRRUN foam that delivers smooth toe-off and landing and yields a bouncy nature. The midsole of this model has received widespread acclaim, for it has been tailored to stabilize the heel position and prevent wobbling.

Saucony shoes for metatarsalgia pain


The padded upper contributes to a well-fitting construction that never allows for wobbling. It also aims at delivering extreme breathability to quash dirt and wick moisture away. An abundance of commentators indicated that this shoe is highly recommended for long-distance running as it is characterized by robustness and above-average quality.

The model utilizes the SpeedRoll technology to give runners a comfortable in-shoe experience in addition to its Formfit upper that wraps around the foot snugly.

Saucony Men’s Zealot Iso 2 Running Shoe

This well-cushioned and feathery model tops the list of recommended running sneakers for easy runners. It comes with a 4mm heel-to-toe drop and upper fabrics that improve security and posture. According to reviewers, the ISOFIT and the thin overlay system distinguish this model from the rest since they give runners a stabilized edge, contributing to outstanding performance.

Saucony Zealot Iso 2 runner

Additionally, the visually pleasing designs of this shoe have been admired by a wide range of buyers. The shoe is equipped with the upgraded XT-900 outsole made of durable carbon.

Saucony Women’s Triumph ISO 5

Saucony Triumph ISO 5 is one of the best running shoes for metatarsal stress fracture. Many runners highlighted that the toe-room of this model is sufficiently spacious and comfy.

Saucony for women with pain in ball of foot

In addition, the premium construction of this shoe was lauded for giving cutting-edge support. The model is characterized by a responsive cushioning system that rebounds the energy with each strike.

The upper part comes with a jacquard mesh, a cloth-like fabric that allows air to penetrate the foot chamber and give the toes the ventilation they need to prevent inflammation. Furthermore, runners liked the vibrant color schemes of this model as they look so eye-catchy and trendy.

Adidas Women’s Ultraboost 19 Running Shoe

The Adidas Ultraboost 19 comes with a highly durable material that allows runners with metatarsalgia to hit prolonged distances without taking break intervals. The toe box comes with a snug wrap that gives sufficient space for toe movement. That is why the sneaker has been categorized as a long-distance trainer.

Best women's running shoes for balls of feet

The outsole is composed of Continental Rubber, which protects the underfoot platform and prevents abrasion. The model has been admired for its ability to deliver sponge-like consistency. In addition, numerous users highlighted that the shoe is grippy and capable of giving sufficient traction to wet and dry terrains.

ASICS Men’s GlideRide Running Shoe

Asics GlideRide is one of the best running shoes for metatarsalgia. The shoe comes with a 5mm heel-to-drop and fits the actual size of the feet. The lightness of the model enabled runners to enjoy propulsive rides without pain or pressure. The AHAR+ outsole is tailored to withstand abrasion and shocks. The Flytefoam midsole technology has been employed to deliver good bounces back with every stride.

ASICS Men's GlideRide

The model is fashioned in a rocker-shaped, curved sole to help runners speed up their performance. The shoe is coated in soft Gel to attenuate shocks and propel runners to stay headed out. The upper part is equipped with an engineered mesh and a multi-directional weave for additional ventilation. The lace-up closure is designed to deliver intensified stability and prevent waggling.

Saucony Men’s Kinvara 11 Running Shoe

The model has been lauded in reviews for its shock absorbency capacities and versatility. In addition, it has been regarded as a perfect all-arounder for both easy and hard errands. The Kinvara 11 is a well-cushioned shoe by all means since it is equipped with the PWRRUN foam, which delivers easy toe-off, landings, and bounces.

Saucony Kinvara 11 Running Shoe

The shoe is marked by its barely noticeable weight, giving runners free rein to enjoy their ride freely and painlessly. This low-drop shoe will provide you with the speedy performance you yearn for and won’t weigh you down.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

The ASICS Gel-Venture 6 is designed to cater to those who lack stability during their rides. The outsole comes with the Asics High Abrasion Resistant Rubber and reversed lugs for an unprecedented level of traction on all grounds.

Asics women's shoes for metatarsalgia

The midsole is equipped with a removable sock-liner for extra cushioning and pain reduction. In addition, the shoe is designed to deliver proper air circulation thanks to its breathable fabric lining. The rounded toe box is tailored to give runners a natural toe splay. The lace-up closure has been admired by many runners who sensed the sufficient stability it provides.

New Balance Men’s 990 V5 Sneaker

The New Balance Men’s 990 V5 is designed to suit trail running and give runners with metatarsalgia a speed performance. The cushioning of this model makes you feel as if you are treading on clouds. The model has been commended for fitting the proper size of the feet, preventing waggling, and keeping the feet steady. The shoe is equipped with silhouettes to improve the heel-to-toe drop and give runners a smooth ride.

New Balance 990 V5 Trainers

The outsole comes in the form of a blown rubber, which increases versatility and bouncing. The in-shoe experience is cozy, for the shoe balances between tightness and looseness, which makes this model a top recommended choice for all-day running. The upper part is supplemented with a TPU Powerstrap for extra comfort. The air can easily pass into the sneaker to clean the feet and quash moisture away.

Nike Women’s Revolution 4 Running Shoe

The model comes with a 10mm heel-to-drop and is deemed affordable by a wide range of buyers. The underfoot platform is well-cushioned to help runners get over hard-hitting roads.

Moreover, the wide widths of this model were admired by runners who suffer from flat feet and those who have difficulty in mobility. The upper unit is designed to provide runners with sufficient ventilation to wick moisture and relieve the aching balls of the feet.

Nike Women’s Revolution 4

The rubber pads come with semi-circular patterns, making the model super grippy and supportive. The shoe excels at easing transitions throughout the gait cycles. The midsole is coated in Eva foam, making the shoe comfy and responsive. In brief, this is a comfortable shoe with a fashionable design and ultimate flexibility.

Sketchers Performance Men’s Go Walk 4 Incredible Walking Shoe

The outsole of this model is tailored to deliver adaptive cushioning thanks to the Goga Pillars situated in the heels. According to a wide range of commentators, this model is durable and sturdy; therefore, it can be a great pal to accompany you on rough errands. The 5GEN midsole has received widespread commendation because of its efficiency in terms of shock attenuation.

Best running shoes for sore balls of feet

The shoe is equipped with anti-bacterial and odor-wicking options. The engineered mesh upper is designed to give runners the breathability they need to run about freely. The upper part doesn’t wear out quickly as it comes with a Quick-Fit Portal that adds to its robustness. The model’s snug lace-up structure reinforces support. So, owing to the model’s high bounciness and softness, it can be bent freely.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoe

The Asics High Abrasion Rubber has been added to increase the shoe’s capabilities to resist abrasion and grip. In addition, the ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7 comes with reversed lugs to increase the grip around the foot for extra stability. Finally, in terms of cushioning, the ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam unit has been added to make the model super cushy.

ASICS Gel-Venture 7 for Men

Moreover, the rearfoot Gel® cushioning has been commended for cushiness and rebounding. The underfoot platform includes a fabric lining to facilitate running.

The upper part is supplemented with a padded tongue and collar to stabilize the feet. The midsole is tailored with a removable insole to allow runners to add customized orthotics. The model has been praised for reducing the impact of the run and cushioning the pressed areas.

Feetmat Women’s Sneakers Ultra Lightweight Air Knitted Athletic Running Shoes

The Feetmat Ultra Lightweight is characterized by intensified versatility because it is equipped with Non-slip rubber soles. The shoe excels in adapting to the ground as it bends in conjunction with the foot’s motion. The mesh upper delivers ventilation and comfort for a smooth run. The snug fit is designed to abolish irritation and slippage.

Lightweight running shoes with metatarsal support

The midfoot comes with intensified arch support to keep the feet headed out no matter long the run is. The stretch knit and straps make the model super versatile and remove foul odors.

The model is suitable for many activities, such as running, walking, gym workouts, and outdoor activities, since it is comfy and lightweight. The cushioning is reinforced by the addition of plush memory foam insoles.

New Balance Men’s Made in Us 990 V4 Sneaker

The model is commended for utilizing the 3M Reflectivity safety that makes the shoe bendable and adaptive. The lace keeper is designed to keep the tongue and laces in place to guarantee stability on all kinds of terrains. The cushioning system is promoted by the addition of the ENCAP midsole technology. In addition, the model utilizes a dual-density collar foam for superb shock attenuation capacities.

New Balance Made in Us 990 V4 Sneaker

Moreover, the model maintains a cutting-edge bouncy nature and a colorful design that numerous runners have admired. The shoe excels at amplifying stability and protecting the feet against hard-hitting roads. This model’s elastic cushioning and robustness make it stand out among the rest.

Saucony Men’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe

The model comes with a generous, roomy toe box to make the toes move freely. A wide range of runners has acclaimed the secured midfoot. The shoe is well-tailored to run true to size. The Saucony’s XT-900 carbon rubber makes this model improve its traction on both wet and dry grounds. The softer iBR+ gives the midsole a plush spark to attenuate shocks and retrieve the foot’s energy.

Best running shoes ball of foot pain

The model has been admired for the superb grip it offers, which contributes to more security. The Tri-Flex configuration and flex grooves improve flexibility and traction, which will help runners get over tension and pain.

The midsole is supplemented with a molded EVA for extra cushioning and strikes absorption. With its lightweight cushioning and flexible responses, this model gives you the edge you yearn for to overcome your pain.

Brooks Men’s Ghost 10

Brooks Men’s Ghost 10 utilizes two kinds of rubber – the HPR Plus and blown rubber. The Brooks’ Cush Pod Configuration is designed to improve cushioning from heel-strike to toe-off. The DNA foam and the BioMoGo DNA are added for extra flexibility and energy return. The Profile Sock liner is designed to add extra padding to attenuate shocks and reduce pain.

Brooks Ghost 10 running shoes for men with ball of feet pain

The upper section comes with an engineered mesh for ventilation and lightness. It is also tailored to increase the heel and mid-foot stability. The shoe comes with an adjustable fit owing to its adjustable saddle construction. The lacing system is characterized by its guiding eyelets that enhance stability and grip. The traction and durability of the model are reinforced by adding the HPR Plus that covers the heel area.

Buying Guide: What to Consider When Buying the Best Running Shoes for Ball of Foot Pain?

You need to consider some factors when choosing the best running shoes for metatarsalgia.

Insole Design

If your insoles are well-made, your model will amaze you with its capacity in lessening the pain and pressure you suffer from due to your sore balls of feet.

The insoles should deliver optimum support for your arches. They should also balance between stiffness and softness to give your balls the required padding.

The soles should be designed with robust material to give you a sturdy model that will wrap around your feet snugly and reduce your pain. For premium shock absorption, opt for a model that is equipped with a thick outsole to support your feet and receive the shocks instead of your feet. Also, make sure that your soles are well-cushioned and soft.

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If you suffer from Metatarsalgia, you will need a feathery shoe to avoid adding extra pressure to your balls that have enough pain and pressure already. Also, if your shoe is heavy, chances are your Metatarsalgia condition will exacerbate since heaviness leads to inflammation. The weight of your sneaker can’t be overlooked if you want to have a perfect kick.

If your shoe is weighty, chances are your discomfort and irritation will increase and hinder your mobility. That is why experts always recommend feathery shoes that will minimize the pain and give you relief. Lightness is also essential for those who wish to have an agile run.


You need to consider the fact that your shoe should match your true foot size; wearing too restrictive or too loose a shoe will worsen your situation and make your Metatarsalgia incurable. The toe box needs to be accommodating to allow your toes to move about inwards without suffocation and to enable you to add insoles or orthotics if you want.

Your shoe should fit the exact size of your feet to prevent slippage and suffocation. Therefore, try to get the exact measurement of your feet by drawing around your feet after you stand on paper. You can ask a professional to help you measure your feet correctly. Also, note that some models come with wide or narrow constructions.


Choose a model with thick heels to ensure that all shocks will be adequately absorbed while your feet remain safe and headed out.

Upper Section

Always remember to check the upper size of your shoe before making your mind to ensure that you will have ample room to flex your toes to prevent suffocation. Consider buying a shoe with an upper mesh or knit upper to avoid squeezing your toes together and amplifying your pain.

Shock Absorption

Shock absorption is crucial in getting your ideal footwear because it helps mitigate the Metatarsalgia condition. If your shoe is unable to attenuate shocks, your bones will experience amplified pain since they are the ones that will receive the shocks instead of your shoe.


According to experts, a decent running shoe for a Metatarsalgia should be equipped with intensified support. Instability will worsen your existing condition since Metatarsalgia patients need to have supported arches and forefoot. That is why the shoes worth buying should hug your feet perfectly.

The Midsole

It is recommended to have midsoles with above-average quality. Soles with EVA foam, recoils, and DNA foam are guaranteed to deliver maximum shock attenuation, which will help relieve the excessive pressure on your feet.


The outsole should be built on a reliable rubber characterized by lightness and durability to minimize the aftermath of the run and keep your feet protected. Experts recommend traction grooves and rubber outsoles because they can prevent slippage.


Whether you suffer from Metatarsalgia or not, choosing a sturdy shoe that lives for long periods is not an option. Longevity will allow you to save lots of money over prolonged times. Moreover, robust shocks always excel in absorbing shocks and protecting the foot against the abrasive nature of the asphalt.

To overcome the pain that you feel in the balls of your feet, you should rely on a sturdy shoe that won’t disappoint you. If your shoe lacks rigidness, it won’t withstand long runs or hard-hitting terrains, making you run the risk of getting injured. Moreover, if you wish to enjoy a speedy run, a robust pair of sneakers is not an option that you can skip. When you have a supportive, durable shoe, you will also get to enjoy the advantage of saving money in the long term since you won’t need to buy a new pair of shoes now and then.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes metatarsalgia?

  • Intensified pressure on the ball of the foot
  • Ill-fitting running sneakers
  • Wearing high-heel footwear for prolonged periods
  • Engaging in high-impact activities or sports.
  • Standing for a long time.
  • Having a slim pad of the foot ­ – a condition that develops with age
  • Bunions, hammertoes, Squeezed Achilles Tendons, and other foot deformities.
  • Stress fractures in the bones of the forefoot and toes.
  • Obesity
  • Degenerative and Inflammatory joint disorders, including gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.
  • Overpronation

What are the significant symptoms of metatarsalgia?

Metatarsalgia appears in the form of a tingling sensation in the toes, numbness, and pain at the end of the metatarsal bones. The pain increases upon engaging in intense activities and develops into a feeling of burning and sharp pain.

Can I run with metatarsalgia?

Although having excessive pain in the balls of your feet can derail your running, you can pursue your running habit provided that you arm yourself with a well-cushioned running shoe that keeps you surefooted. Moreover, long rides are not recommended for Metatarsalgia patients since they will intensify their stress. So, you can go for a short run provided that you abide by a moderate speed.

How can I prevent metatarsalgia?

Metatarsal pain can be prevented by avoiding intensified running and crash exercises. Instead, take ample rest periods after the run and apply ice packs to ease your soreness. Switch from high-impact sports, such as running, to swimming, cycling, or other low-impact activities. Wear an appropriate pair of running sneakers. Overweight people are also advised to improve their diet and lose weight.

How to choose the best running shoes for metatarsalgia?

As mentioned before, your shoe should deliver the needed amount of comfort and support. Moreover, your shoe should fit your exact foot size and maintain arch support. Your toe-box must be roomy, and your soles must be manufactured with above-average quality. Also, try to pick a lightweight pair of running shoes to relieve your stress.

What can you do to treat the ball of the foot pain?

You can do some home exercises that will lessen the stress on your balls and apply some ice to the affected areas. You should also be careful about your habits and movements because intensified exercises and crash workouts will surely increase your pain. Wearing a therapeutic shoe like the ones we recommended is also helpful for relieving the pain. Moreover, you can get some over-the-counter or custom metatarsal pads, orthotics and arch supports. If the pain continues, your doctor might surgery to correct a foot deformity that is contributing to the pain.

Why is the ball of the foot so painful?

Pain in the balls of the foot happens for several reasons; as mentioned before, it can occur due to excessive running and exercise. In addition, it can take place as a result of changing your body structure. To know the real reasons behind your pain, consider consulting a podiatrist.

Can the ball of the foot be treated completely?

Getting rid of pain in the balls of the foot once and for all is not common. However, it can be lessened to tolerable degrees by doing exercises and keeping your feet protected. Some lucky people manage to get rid of their condition forever.


To sum, metatarsal pain is one of the challenges that runners face, for it inflicts chroming pain on the balls of the foot, which leads to instability and running injuries. However, with the best running shoes for metatarsalgia we presented and the experts’ advice, you can pursue your running habit and overcome your painful situation.

Ball of the foot pain has become one of the common conditions nowadays due to the strenuous lifestyles that many people lead. The pain is indeed a burden to live with as it leads to constant discomfort and difficulties in movement. Although the condition does not usually go away forever, it can be mitigated by wearing a proper pair of running shoes. That is why we attempted to compile a comprehensive list of the best running shoes for the ball of foot pain that you can rely on when it comes to buying your new kick.

All the models we mentioned are characterized by durability, versatility, breathability, cushiness, and responsiveness. The depictions we gave are based on real-life reviews of runners who previously tried these models.

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