Best Running Shoes for Fallen Arches – Top Trainers for Collapsed Feet

Best Running Shoes for Fallen Arches

Running can be an essential element of fitness and cardio workout routines. Unfortunately, having fallen arches (also known as flat feet or collapsed arches) is one of the runners’ most common problems. Fallen arches are the leading cause of overpronation as most runners who have collapsed arches suffer from constant rolling inwards.

Overpronation can hold you back and cause several injuries, for runners who have fallen arches run with a deformed gait cycle. This indicates that runners need a supportive running shoe that cures their overpronation. We have rounded up the best running sneakers that are guaranteed to improve the performance of runners who have low arches.

Best Running Shoes for Fallen Arches – Reviews for Top Picks

Flat feet can cause stress on the body and require specialized footwear in order to improve foot health and comfort. Below are some of the top trainers for collapsed feet.

Brooks Dyad 10

The Brooks Dyad 10 comes with a gel-built foam that offers optimal flexibility; that is why the shoe feels highly accommodating and responsive to the foot’s motion. The shoe’s midsole is characterized by its abrasion-repellant nature because of the updated HPR Plus technology that the shoe features. The BioMoGo D.N.A. has been perfectly utilized to add a sturdy feel to the sneaker. In addition, the model has been lauded for giving superior underfoot protection.

Brooks shoes for fallen arches

If you suffer from the constant heel and underfoot pain, this model will help solve the problem. The Brooks Dyad 10 comprises a good wide toe room to improve aeration and allow the toes to flex about freely. The shoe is guaranteed to give you great running vibes.

Brooks Men’s Beast 20

The Brooks Men’s Beast 20 has been highly appreciated among fallen-arch runners and obese runners, highlighted by the high global rating it earned, namely by runners who have wide feet and extra pounds to carry during their running journeys. The shoe keeps the feet well-ventilated throughout the run by providing the feet with amazing airflow to cool them down during burning summer. In addition, the Guide Rail System makes the model extremely plush.

Best running trainers for fallen arches

The shoe comes with a BioMoGo D.N.A. midsole, which makes the shoe excel at providing energy return. In addition, the Beast 20 is one of the best running shoes that protect the knees during hard transitions. Equipped with a DRB Accel shank-like unit, the model is tailored to improve landing and prevent heel pain.

Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21

The shoe has been built with a DNA LOFT Crash Pad that makes the shoe feels pleasantly comfy and responsive. The GuideRails that the shoe displays do a great job of improving the model’s traction and keeping runners steadfast. The toes can flex freely and wiggle inside the model’s toe room that comes with an accommodating size.

Best women's running shoes for collapse arches

The model can significantly reduce the aftermath of the ride since it is equipped with the Guiderails Holistic Support System.

It mitigates the impact of running and prevents injuries. The 3D Fit Print technology is utilized to improve the comfort level throughout the run. The robust tongue makes the shoe acquire a superb snug nature. The model has impressed several users as it enhances performance during gym exercises and tracks running. That is why it managed to yield a review of 4.7/5 on Amazon.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 16

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 has been known for its amazing cushioning that reduces the effects of overpronation and improves runners’ gait cycle. Thanks to this shoe, running never wreaks havoc on the arches. Different runners relished the model’s flexible outsole as it made the model accommodate many types of strikers. There is a toe cap in the model and some thin overlays for extra support for the feet.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Sneaker

A plethora of runners has admired the step-in experience and transitions. As a result, the model has gained a reputation among the top lightweight running sneakers for obese runners and runners with low arches.

Saucony Men’s Guide 14 Running Shoe

The Saucony Guide 14 is one of the best running shoes for fallen arches. The shoe is tasked with generating energy return since the shoe is equipped with the PWRRUN foam. The model has a supportive lacing pattern to reduce slippage and reinforce the position of the heels. Moreover, the shoe features a sturdy midfoot lockdown to ensure that runners have an amplified grip to reduce overpronation.

Saucony Guide 14 Shoes

There is a gusseted tongue to improve the model’s stability further. That is to say. The model has been designed to normalize runners’ gait cycle. The model also comes in diverse colors and styles. There is a snug mesh that keeps the foot well-locked.


As many reviewers highlighted, the Asics Gel Kayano Lite fits like a glove. It is a suitable budget-friendly model that you can use. The 3D SPACE CONSTRUCTION is one of the model’s pros that reduce pronation and keep runners headed out. Wide-footed runners depicted the sneaker as too cozy and unrestrictive. The model is an excellent option to consider for jogging, aerobics, and walking.

Best Asics for fallen arches

The model has been manufactured with recycled materials, which makes it eco-friendly. This minimalist sneaker is specifically tailored to support heavy runners. It weighs 10.2 oz and feels highly light from heel strike to toe-off. No matter how long your ride is, you won’t see any wear signs. It is an impact-absorbing model for long-distance runners.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 26

The ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 26 is tailored with synthetic and mesh materials that soften the feet and render a perfect fit. The Dynamic DuoMax Support System helps increase the traction on various terrains and keeps runners as stable as they can be. In addition, the model offers luxurious comfort since it comes with FlyteFoam Propel Technology.

Women's running shoes for low arch

The IGS (Impact Guidance System) improves runners’ gait. The full-fledged SpevaFoam increases the bounce-back. The shoe is equipped with an EVA midsole that generates ample cushioning and excellent rebound. It comes with synthetic and mesh materials. The model is built with organic nanofibers that are feathery enough to ease running and help runners get over obstacles.

Nike Air Zoom Structure 23

This model is considered one of the best running shoes for fallen arches. The Nike Air Zoom Structure 23 is known for its stylish designs and colors that add an exclamation mark to your outfit. The upper part comprises a well-ventilated fabric that never ceases to offer aeration through its holes and eyelets. The foam unit of the shoe makes the shoe feel so soft and supportive at the same time. That is why numerous experts recommend the shoe for overextended rides.

Best Nike running shoes for fallen arches

Equipped with the Air Zoom technology, the shoe delivers extra responsiveness and amazes runners with shock attenuation. The model’s platform has been lauded for its astounding stability and underfoot softness. In addition, the model features the “CMP 010” marking on the midsole.

Saucony Women’s Omni 15

The Saucony Women’s Omni 15 comes with a nice-looking design and eye-catching colorways. It is known for its shaft measurements and has been acclaimed by many users for preventing debris from harming the feet. In addition, the shoe features a sturdy lacing system featuring eyelets to keep the feet well-positions.

Saucony Omni 15 Running Sneaker

The model has been recommended for long rides and intensified exercises as it has directional lugs and a dual compound outsole intended to make the shoe highly adaptive and comfy. In addition, the model is designed for hefty runners as it excels at providing stability. The shoe comes with the PWRFOAM midsole and EVERRN top-sole. It quashes dirt and dust and acts against the road’s abrasive nature.


The HOKA ONE ONE GAVIOTA 2 comes with a wide construction that fits large feet and helps runners with extra pounds run with comfort. The mid-size lugs are added to make the shoe maintain a reliable grip. This shoe shouldn’t slip through the cracks since it is tailored with the J-Frame technology that shields the feet and makes the ride as good as it gets. The model is built with a traditional rubber and a Hi-Abrasion rubber.

Best Hoka Shoes for runners with low arches

The EVA foam cushions the feet and shouts comfort, which helps runners with low arches reach new heights. The leather upper of the shoe comes with holes for ventilation. In addition, there is a Late Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry in the midsole to enhance stability throughout the gait cycle. However, some reviewers said the model lacks breathability.

Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 17 Running Shoe

The Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 17 is guaranteed to suit a variety of terrains. The shoe is best known as a moderate stability road running sneaker. However, it is a good pick for fast-paced rides since it is highly responsive and helps the feet function comfortably. The model comes with an X10 outsole that makes the model bite into the foot, rendering a perfect grip around the feet.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 17

It offers plenty of stability since it matches the actual size of the feet. It is lightweight and bouncy and comes with a perfect heel lock. The shoe is meant to be relished as runners indicated that it helped them maintain easy transitions and speed up their performance.

ASICS Women’s GT-2000 8 Running Shoes

With a superb waterproof mechanism rendered by the Gore-Tex® waterproof membrane, the ASICS Women’s GT-2000 8 is one of the best models to accompany you during rainy weather. The upper part comes with an uncluttered design that looks highly eye-popping. Moreover, the upper does not lack ventilation. The model molds in conjunction with the feet.

Best Asics for Women with Collapsed Arches

Runners with fallen arches liked the model’s DuoMax® Support System, designed to reduce overpronation. The cushioning system of this sneaker has achieved great plaudits since it is composed of sock liners made of ethylene-vinyl acetate. The shoe is equipped with an Asics High Abrasion Rubber that generates sturdiness and shields the foot against debris and rocks. Furnished with a silicone-based wedge, the heels of the model yield high levels of shock attenuation.

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Brooks Women’s Addiction 14 Running Shoe

The Brooks Addiction 14 comes with adding custom orthotic inserts for extra comfort. The shoe offers natural toe-splay and is marked by its wonderful cushioning. A wide range of runners lauded the model, for it did not require them to take frequent break-in periods. In addition, many consumers have admired the underfoot experience of Brooks Women’s Addiction 14.

Brooks Addiction 14 for Women with Flat Feet

The sneaker is one of the best picks you can consider if you wonder what shoe can carry your hefty bodyweight. Overpronation is mitigated through this roster of motion control. In addition, the Engineered mesh in the upper section never stops to furnish the feet with breathability. Aptly named, the Addiction 14 is an addiction since it comes with a BioMoGo D.N.A. that provides high-end cushioning.

Altra Provision 4 Women’s Trainers

The Altra Provision 4 is a lightweight running shoe that is designed for flat and wide feet. It has a responsive design that makes it ideal for those who want a fast and comfortable running experience.
The Altra Provision 4 is a great running shoe for those with fallen arches. It has a secure and comfortable fit, great rebound/responsiveness, and very breathable fabric. This makes it a good choice for those who want a shoe that will help them stay comfortable and cool while they run.

Altra Provision 4 Trainers

The Altra Provision 4 shoes are a good option for those with fallen arches. They have a wide toe box and are relatively durable. Some users have reported color bleeding from the inner fabric of the shoes, but this is not generally a problem.

It has a lug pattern that provides excellent traction on wet and slippery surfaces, as well as a rock plate to protect your feet from sharp objects. Additionally, Provision 4 features a FootShape toe box that allows your toes to naturally spread out and grip the ground.

Related Questions

What runners are best for fallen arches?

The best runners are those that offer the most cushioning. Those with a good amount of EVA foam will provide more shock absorption and support than other materials, such as hard rubber.

What are the causes of fallen arches?

There are several reasons why someone might have flat feet. It can be due to genetics, an injury, or simply the natural aging process. Some common causes include:

  • Hereditary: If your parents or grandparents had flat feet, you’re more likely to develop them too
  • Injury: A traumatic event, such as a fracture or sprain, can damage the ligaments in your foot and lead to flat feet.
  • Age: As you get older, the tendons and muscles in your feet can weaken and cause your arches to fall.

How can collapsed arches condition be diagnosed and treated?

There are also specific tests that can be done in order to determine the cause of someone’s collapsed arches. The treatment options vary depending on the cause and severity. Treatment options may include orthotics, braces, physical therapy, or surgery.

What tactics can runners follow to deal with the condition of flat feet?

  • If you have flat feet, choosing the right running trainers is essential. There are a few additional tactics you can use to make sure you are effectively dealing with your fallen arches. One is to run barefoot occasionally. This will help stimulate the arch and improve the shock absorbing capacities of your feet. You can also try using inserts or orthotics in your running shoes to provide more support.
  • Use a flexible, minimalist shoe such as Nike Free. This type of shoe will allow your foot to move more naturally and give it more support. You can also try using an orthotic insert in your shoe to provide more arch support.
  • Pick up a ping pong ball with your toes. This will help improve proprioception and foot strength. You can also try using arch supports or orthotics to provide more support for your feet.

Final Thoughts

The foot’s arch is a natural system that helps absorb shock and impact for the rest of the body. It is essential to have a healthy arch because it can help prevent injuries and discomfort in other body parts. For example, having flat feet is one of the telltale signals that you over-pronate, which means your foot rolls inwards too much as you walk or run. This can cause problems with your ankles, knees, and hips.

Fallen arches – although it is an irritating problem- won’t affect your running style provided that you get a good running model for yourself. Therefore, this article searched for the best running shoes for fallen arches. The models are characterized by softness, sturdiness, and energy return. These features are all intended to mitigate pain during the ride.

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