Best Place to Buy Running Shoes – Top Offline & Online Stores Revealed

Best Place to Buy Running Shoes

This article is for you if you are looking for the best place to buy running shoes. There are offline and online ways to purchase a pair of running shoes, so we’ve got you covered in both! In addition, we’ve got an exciting list of the best places to buy the running shoe your feet have been looking for.

Buying your running shoes from a trusted place is a must. But, whether it’s your first pair of running shoes or an addition to your collection, buying them from a not-so-trusted place can put you at risk. We got a lot of stories from runners who had bought running shoes from unknown stores at cheap prices believing that they made a great deal, but unfortunately, it ended with a frustrating running experience and caused severe issues for some. That’s because some stores offer non-original copies of top running shoes at cheap prices but are made of unreliable and weak fabrics.

The right shoes protect your feet from injuries like plantar fasciitis while also improving your overall performance. That is why you must ensure that you buy the right running shoes from the right place. However, if you’re unsure where to buy your new running shoes, read our list below to find out.

The Best Places to Buy Running Shoes

When you think about the best places to buy your running shoes, there are two options for you. First, you may search online for your running shoes or shop in the local stores around you. But, sometimes, you may get confused between shopping online or just going to the nearest local store and searching for suitable running shoes. That’s why we thought to help you decide and let you know more about the best places to buy running shoes.

Best Places to Buy Running Shoes Online

Other than purchasing running shoes in your local stores, you can shop them online. Many reliable online sites make great offers and shipping deals.
Here’s a list of the most popular online shopping sites:


Who doesn’t know Amazon already? Amazon is a popular website with all shoe brands and designs to allow you to shop for different styles and choose your own.

You can search for the product name or simply choose the category, and you’ll freely shop through various brands and designs.

Amazon also provides free shipping for Amazon Prime Membership. The budget doesn’t matter here since Amazon puts a lot of products on sale. So you can find the suitable product at the best price. It also has a dependable shipping system that lets you choose between standard and urgent shipping packages. Standard shipping usually takes three to six days, while the urgent package takes only one day.

Brand Online Website

The brands’ online sites are the most reliable because they are typically the best alternative for local brand stores. Browse the brand’s website to see if any other options are similar to what you’ve worn before.

Brand websites display reviews and features and may even offer discounts on older models. So you can confidently order the running shoes you like without worrying about the quality.

Nike: Nike has always formed incredible collaborations with other celebrities and designers, which has resulted in the creation of some of the most amazing running shoes of all time. Also, if you’re looking for an awesome pair of running shoes with a good stylish design, check out their online store, as they create some of the most innovative footwear in the industry. Nike has served incredible sports equipment and apparel since 1964. The brand offers free shipping when spending over 175$ and a 30-days return policy.

Brooks: Brooks has been providing the best products for over a century, handling each shoe with outstanding care and detail. They have various collections to find the ideal pair for you.

Altra Running: Altra Running shoes have balanced a little wider roomy toe box and cushioning than your average running shoe to give you ultimate stability when running long distances. Furthermore, because they return your feet to their natural position, these shoes are the best for long-term foot protection. Each shoe is available in a variety of colors.

Asics: Asics has a wide range of running shoes with high-end technology, such as Gore-Tex protection for running in cushioned footbeds and mud that add a little spring to your step. Asics is one of the best places to buy running shoes, whether you’re a beginner or a marathon runner. The website accepts AfterPay.

Best Place to Buy Running Shoes

New Balance: New Balance shoes are extremely comfy and add a little buoyancy to your activities. Their most recent running shoe collection includes a Fresh foam midsole that provides maximum stability and cushioning with every step you take. All orders within Canada receive free shipping (no minimum purchase or membership required).

Allbirds: The brand’s entire collection is now made from natural fabrics like eucalyptus trees and merino wool, combined with cutting-edge technology. These trainers are machine washable, and their flexibility naturally complies with your foot’s shape, making them highly comfortable. In addition, Allbirds provides free shipping on orders over $50.

Running Warehouse

Each shoe is neatly organized into different categories, giving you a wide range of options. In addition, the site lets you compare different shoes from each brand while shopping.

The site provides high-quality shoes with the best offers. The shoes put on the site are reviewed by experts who will help you find suitable running shoes.

Running Warehouse also has a Learning Center where you can send in a video of your gait to have it measured by experts. They also include buying guides, how-to videos, and expert advice to help you become a well-informed and healthy runner.

Road Runner Sports

Road Runner is the largest walking and running store known worldwide. Most shoes come with videos explaining the fit, technology, and benefits of purchasing a shoe.

The site has a questionnaire to learn more about you and your shoe preferences and find the perfect running shoes. There is also a sale section on the site where you can shop for great offers.


If you’re on a budget, don’t worry; Zappos is the site for you. Zappos offers different types of running shoes at affordable prices. In addition, you can search for the brand, color, and model you want.

With the customers’ reviews, you’ll easily choose suitable running shoes for you.

Fleet Feet

Fleet Feet provides high-performance footwear while also being made to improve running and walking communities. Fleet Feet also offers free shipping on orders over $99 and free returns within 60 days.

Regardless of your running experience, Fleet Feet has the right shoe for you because they carry shoes from leading sportswear brands such as Brooks, Balega, ASICS, New Balance, and Adidas.


It is one of the best running shoes online sites. The site provides shoes with stability to get the best out of your running experience while making your feet comfortable.

The site includes many famous brands like Nike, New Balance, Saucony, Adidas, etc. In addition, the site provides the best deals to make running shoes affordable for everyone!

Furthermore, their pro team will give you the best running gear advice if you want to take your running performance to the next level.

The best thing about buying your running shoes through one of the online stores is that you can choose between many brands, kinds, and styles of running shoes with one click. You can see various choices while you’re on your couch or resting. The online stores provide you with all of the product’s information, and you can also see other customers’ reviews about the running shoes you would buy.

On the other hand, there might be some issues with buying your running shoes from an online store. First, the shipped product might not be the one you’ve chosen. Sometimes you may not find the size or kind of running shoes because they’re unavailable. Also, some online stores put high shipping costs on their products. So, you must consider these things when you go online shopping for your running shoes.

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Best Place to Buy Running Shoes Offline

This one is definitely the best place to buy running shoes and everyone’s first choice.

Athletic Shoe Stores

Although some people prefer to buy their running shoes from online stores, some find a secret joy in shopping for them in dedicated athletic shoe stores, as nothing beats trying on the pair of running shoes you like before purchasing them. That’s why; shopping at your local running shoes store should be your first move. There are lots of reliable outlets for well-known brands around us you can make a move and search for suitable running shoes for you through them.

This option allows you to look closely at the product and determine whether it suits you. In addition, when shopping in a store, you’ll find experts who can help you decide which one to buy according to your style and needs.

Department Stores

Department stores inside large stores sell sports shoes from all brands. You can find them around you. The good thing about department stores is that they offer discounts and good deals for running shoes almost all the year, not just seasonally. This makes department stores a good choice when searching locally for running shoes.

Buy Running Shoes for Department Stores

Outlet Malls

Outlet malls are trusted retail stores for known brands. These outlets are reliable for buying your running shoes from them, as they are branches of the leading brand which let you buy your running shoes with complete trust that your running shoes are original.

Sports and Adventure Gear Stores

These stores are well-known among athletes and sportspeople. The sports and adventure gear stores are stores where you can find everything related to sports from A to Z. You can find different kinds of running shoes in the sports and adventure gear stores, and you’ll also find experts who can help you find the perfect running shoes for your feet.

It is always better to find a local store for brands like Nike, Adidas, etc. That way, you’ll ensure that your running shoes are reliable and compatible. With many designs and brands, you’ll indeed find the best pair of running shoes without worrying about the quality.

On our website (StressFreeFeet), we offer reviews on different types and brands of running shoes. We run various tests on running shoes to choose the most suitable ones for you. Check out our reviews!

The good thing about buying your running shoes from local stores is that you can ensure that the shoes you’ve chosen perfectly fit you because you try the shoes you want before buying them and check whether you feel comfortable. You can also ensure the material the shoes are made of and their quality before paying anything.

But, there are some disadvantages to shopping for your running shoes in the local stores. For example, sometimes you can’t find some models or sizes due to the lack of them in the local stores.
Some stores may sell you non-original shoes instead of original shoes. This may be bad, so you must ensure you’re buying your running shoes through a reliable outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some general frequently asked questions about running shoes:

Can I Wear Running Shoes Every day?

Yes, you can wear cushioning, motion control, and stability running shoes daily. There’s no reason you can’t wear them daily if they’re your size and comfortable. However, there are some disadvantages to wearing your running shoes every day. The more miles you put on your shoes, the faster they will wear out.

How to Search for Reliable Stores in My Neighborhood or Town?

If you don’t know where are the best local stores in your area to buy quality running shoes, don’t worry. Nowadays, most running shoe dealers and suppliers submit their business details online. You must go to Google and search for the terms (best place to buy running shoes near me). Google will list all the places selling running shoes and their addresses.

How to Get Good Quality Running Shoes at an Affordable Price?

One of the best ways to get the cheapest running shoes is to search for last year’s models.

Can I Walk With Running Shoes?

Yes, in brief. Walking shoes and running shoes share characteristics that make them ideal for physical activity. While running shoes are built to withstand running’ rigors, they also make excellent walking shoes.

How Many Pairs of Running Shoes Should I Have?

Every runner should have at least two sets of their top running shoes on hand at all times, and they should change different running shoes between workouts. Because your kilometers are spread across multiple pairs of shoes, your shoes will last longer.

Can Women Wear Mens Running Shoes?

In short, yes. There are many womens running shoes on the market today that will provide all of the support that men need to improve performance, provide a good fit, and keep feet comfortable while running.

How Long Can a Pair of Running Shoes Last?

A running shoe can last from 300 to 500 miles, which is about four to six months for anyone who runs 20 miles a week. Race day shoes are designed differently; they are designed more lightweight to let you run faster.

How Long Will I Need to Break in Running Shoes?

Expect to spend two to three weeks breaking-in your new running shoes, with some models taking longer. Then, after a month, they should feel perfect—if not, you’re wearing the wrong shoes.
You’ll need from two to three weeks to break in your road or trail running shoes. However, some models can take longer to break in. Normal models will feel good and fit well after a month. If it didn’t, then you’re probably wearing a pair of running shoes that’s not right for you.

What is the Best Website to Buy Runners?

There are a lot of websites to buy running shoes from, but we believe that the best place to buy runners online is amazon. Let me tell you a little secret about Amazon. The arrow in the Amazon logo didn’t come out of anywhere, But it carries their aims inside. They say through it, “we have all products you’d like to buy from A to Z” and “we care to put a smile on our customers faces.” Those two aims are precisely all that anyone needs when thinking about online stores.

Amazon always has a wide range of collections that lets you choose freely and compare different products. Plus, Amazon always offers discounts and great deals on their products, which means you can find the perfect running shoes for you at the right price suitable for your budget. In addition, Amazon’s shipping service is reliable and has different ways to fit your needs, whether regular or urgent. All these things make Amazon the best online place to buy your running shoes.

What is the Best Time to Shop for Running Shoes with Cheap Prices?

The most suitable months out of the year to check deals on most athletic gear such as running shoes, are January and April.

Stores take advantage of everyone’s good intentions for the new year in January by offering fantastic bargains to entice customers in.

People become restless in April after being cooped up all winter and want to get outside; they want to do so in new gear and bright colors, motivating them to return to the stores in droves — prompting stores to compete for their attention with deep discounts.


Online or offline, buying running shoes is not a problem now that we have different shopping sources. With our list of websites for running shoes, you can now shop and purchase quickly. In addition, some websites offer great deals, so don’t miss them! Don’t forget to choose the right running shoes for your foot, as choosing the wrong ones might lead to injuries.

Please share your experience with us in the comments section; we look forward to that!

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